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FinnCham Beijing is delighted to invite member companies' HR personnel to this unique half day training, which will be held at unique place in the new CITIC Tower. 北京芬兰商会很高兴邀请会员公司的人力资源人员和领导参加这个独特的半天培训,该培训将在新的中信大厦的独特地点举行. Venue is sponsored by Yingke Law Firm. 会场由盈科律师事务所主办. Event will be opened by Ambassador Leena-Kaisa Mikkola.

4-D领导力是由世界最高科研机构NASA(美国航空航天局)在价值17亿 美元的哈勃望远镜项目遭遇失败之后,历经10年,通过对500支团队 的培训和长期跟踪研究创造出来的一套世界级的领导力及团队建设 解决方案。4-D领导力运用了最前沿的领导学、心理学、神经科学研 究成果,实现了个人领导力、团队领导力、跨团队协作力与组织整 体竞争力的显著提升。其超出预期的培训效果深受客户广泛认可, 于2007年获得美国ICF(国际教练联盟)教练大奖,现已成为全球各 行业最受欢迎的领导力发展项目。

4-D Leadership is a set of world-class leadership and team building solutions created by NASA, the world's top scientific organization after the failure of Hubble Telescope Project that cost $1.7 billion, through the training of 500 teams and follow-up research over 10 years. 4-D leadership adopts the most cutting-edge research results of leadership, psychology, neuroscience and realizes significant improvement of self-leadership, team leadership, cross-team collaboration and overall organizational competitiveness. Its productive training outcomes exceeded expectations and received widespread praise from clients. It won the ICF Coaching Award in 2007 and has become the most popular leadership development program in diverse industries around the world.

芬兰商会会员体验课 Experience workshop for FINNCHAM members Only


1. 个性优势测评 Assess innate personal strength

2. 4-D传奇 The legend of 4-D Leadership

3. 四种领导风格解密 Four leadership styles

4. 认知团队 Assess the team

5. 如何打造卓越的团队 How to build a high-performing team

6. 领导力行为1:表达感激欣赏 Express authentic appreciation

7. 领导力行为2:避免指责抱怨 "No" to drama

8. 知识复盘,答疑 Review, Q&A


Beijing CITIC Tower/北京中信大厦55层


双语导师 About the facilitator Ms Mulan Zhao

组织领导力及人才培养专家, 中国劳动经济学会理事,美国管理会计师协会特聘专家,原欧盟商会人 力资源论坛副主席

Expert in organizational leadership and talent development. Council Member of China Association of Labor Economics, Distinguished Expert of American Institute of Management Accountants, Former Vice Chairman of Human Resources Forum of European Chamber of Commerce.

在跨国公司、国有企业和非政府组织拥有15年领导力发展和人才培养经验。为来自联合国机构、全球 500强企业、独角兽公司、研究机构、博士和MBA项目等多元化的职业人群用中英文双语讲授领导力 课程。客户行业广泛,包括公共服务、高科技、互联网、金融、医疗、能源、农业、NGO等

Mulan has fifteen years of experiences in leadership development and talent development in global companies, state-owned enterprises and NGOs. She delivers leadership programs in English and Chinese to diverse professional groups from UN organization, Fortune 500 companies, research institutes, doctoral and MBA programs. A wide range of industries include public service, high-tech, internet, finance, medical care, energy, agriculture and NGO.

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  • Mulan Zhao (Managing Director of Huicai International Management Consulting (Beijing) Co. Ltd)

    Mulan Zhao

    Managing Director of Huicai International Management Consulting (Beijing) Co. Ltd

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