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HR cost control is a part of the HR management process system, and HR cost control itself is also a process system work. Through human cost control, it can strengthen the cost consciousness and market competition consciousness of the whole staff of the company; it can explore the best combination point between the development of the company and the level of human cost; it can make more effective use of salary management and performance management to motivate and restrain the behavior of the staff to reduce the cost and improve the economic efficiency; it can continuously improve the salary level of the staff based on the continuous improvement of the economic efficiency of the company and enhance the loyalty.

This course is a summary of common HR cost control methods, tools, and templates used in practice and has been developed with a large number of practical examples. It is hoped that this course will enable participants to quickly learn the methodology, tools, and considerations of HR cost control.


  • 了解企业人力资源管理成本的含义、特点和主要内容;
  • 重塑和强化人力资源管理意识和人力资本价值;
  • 了解人力成本各项目在人力资源管理中的应用及筹措;
  • 掌握人力成本调整与控制的策略和方法;
  • 在实例思考和参与中,获得改善人力成本的工作思维。




  • 通俗易懂、案例丰富
  • 上手迅速、模板齐全
  • 知识点足、实操性强


  • 何谓人力成本?
  • 为什么要做人力成本分析?
  • 如何进行人力成本分析?
  • 如何编制人力资源成本预算?
  • 如何有效降低人力成本?

Course Target

  • To understand the meaning, characteristics, and key elements of the cost of human resource management in business.
  • To reshape and strengthen the awareness of the human resource management and the value of human capital.
  • To understand the application and financing of various items of human cost in human resource management.
  • To master the strategies and methods of human cost adjustment and control.
  • To acquire a working mindset for improving human resource costs in example thinking and participation.

Course Format

The course is a combination of theoretical lectures + interactive questions + case studies + group discussions + video observation + interactive situations + experiential activities + brainstorming + experience sharing and other training methods.

Course Features

  • Easy to understand, rich in cases
  • Quick-to-learn, complete template
  • Adequate knowledge and practicality

Course Outline

  • What is manpower cost?
  • Why do we need to do manpower cost analysis?
  • How to conduct human cost analysis?
  • How to prepare an HR cost budget?
  • How to effectively reduce human resources costs?

Event Details | 活动详情

Date | 日期

10th May, 2023 & 11th May, 2023 | 2023年5月10日 & 11日

Time | 时间

9am - 4pm (CN) | 中国时间上午9点 - 下午4点

Venue | 地点

Online Training | 线上培训

The link will be sent through email before the event | 会议链接将在活动前通过邮箱发送给您

Language | 语言

Chinese | 中文

Price | 价格

Member Ticket: RMB 2000 | 会员价: 人民币2000元

Non-member Ticket: RMB 3000 | 非会员价: 人民币3000元

Participants | 面向人群

Human resource managers, senior management, middle management cadres, department heads, etc.


Trainer | 培训讲师

Zhiyang Song, Certified Trainer, Eddic Training Center | 宋致旸,易迪思中国金牌讲师

About Eddic | 关于易迪思

Eddic training center (China) is a leading provider of enterprise-level training services. Founded in 2003, Eddic currently has more than 800 instructors who focus on enterprise-level training area. The company has served for more than 3,500 companies with professional customized training solutions. Adhering to the concept of "value-added courses and innovative services", Eddic provides training solutions for enterprises to cultivate talents.

易迪思(中国)培训中心是中国领先的企业级培训服务供应商,始创于2003年,易迪思结合20余年培训服务经验,针对企业管理实际,不断总结并形成了独具特色的培训课程体系和咨询辅导系统。与国内外优秀企业、机构交流合作,开展标杆学习、主题论坛、沙龙交流等特色服务,为企业管理者、学员搭建多样化的学习平台。目前已为超过3500余家企业提供定制化培训解决方案,包括 300 余家全球 500 强在华投资企业.

May 10 & 11, 2023 (GMT +05:30)

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