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Are you eager to explore innovative approaches to marketing? FinnChams together with DCCC and SwedCham invite you to join us for our enlightening workshop, "The Artful AI: A Savvy Guide to Generative Marketing Techniques." Together, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Generative AI and uncover its potential to amplify your marketing strategies.

During the workshop, you will gain hands-on experience with mainstream text and image-based AI tools, learn how to craft compelling prompts, and adapt your workflows for a smooth AI integration. We'll also discuss the linguistic nuances in AI-generated content and shed light on how AI could, in fact, complement human creativity in the marketing realm.

Our trainers will ensure a well-balanced mix of theory and practice, with ample opportunities to develop your skills with captivating exercises and discussions. So why wait? Embark upon this exciting journey with us and elevate your marketing know-how with the subtle art of Generative AI. Spots are limited, reserve your spot today!



此次课程培训师将结合理论知识与实践操作,通过引人入胜的练习和讨论理解知识点,从而提升技能。您是否正在寻找类似主题的培训课程呢?欢迎报名课程, 与我们一起精进学习, 通过巧妙的生成式人工智能工具和新思维提升您的营销知识,让我们的营销工作更便捷,更新颖且更具创意!

Training Points:


11:00am – 12:00pm:线上线下同步分享

1. Online session on: Introduction to Generative AI (45 min + Q&A)

a. Definition and core concepts of Generative AI

b. Brief overview of AI's historical development

c. Current state and trends in Generative AI

1. 关于生成式人工智能的在线课程( 线上部分: 45分钟分享及问答环节)

a. 生成式人工智能的定义和核心概念

b. 人工智能发展的简要概述

c. 生成式人工智能的当前状态和趋势

---- Lunch and offline training ----

12:00-13:00: 午餐

1: 00pm – 5:00pm: 线下培训

2. Generative AI in Digital Marketing - Applications and Cases:

a. Harnessing Generative AI for content creation and curation

b. Personalized advertising and customer targeting using Generative AI

c. Enhancing customer service through Generative AI-powered chatbots

d. Managing social media effectively with Generative AI tools

2. 数字营销中的生成式人工智能 - 应用与案例:

a. 利用生成式人工智能进行内容创作和策划

b. 利用生成式人工智能进行个性化广告和客户定向

c. 通过生成式人工智能驱动的聊天机器人提升客户服务

d. 利用生成式人工智能工具有效管理社交媒体

3. China's Digital Marketing Landscape:

a. Overview of prevailing digital marketing trends in China from a consumer perspective

b. Examination of the potential impact of Generative AI on the Chinese digital marketing industry

3. 中国的数字营销格局:

a. 从消费者角度概述中国当前数字营销趋势

b. 探讨生成式人工智能对中国数字营销行业的潜在影响

4. Legal and Ethical Considerations:

a. Key legal limitations associated with Generative AI

b. Ethical considerations specific to Generative AI in the context of digital marketing

4. 法律和伦理考虑:

a. 与生成式人工智能相关的关键法律限制

b. 在数字营销背景下生成式人工智能的伦理考虑

5. Future Outlook and Impact on Work:

a. The influence of Generative AI on marketing job roles and tasks

b. A glimpse into the future of Generative AI, with a focus on its impact on digital marketing

5. 未来展望及对工作的影响:

a. 生成式人工智能对营销职位和任务的影响

b. 着眼于生成式人工智能对数字营销影响的未来展望

6. Hands-on and Interactive Exercises:

a. Tools Intro: Mainstream text-based and image-based Generative AI tools introduction and how to use them (including GPT-4, Mid-journey, New Bing, and Adobe Beta)

b. Prompt Practice: How to give effective and efficient prompts, with on-site practice

c. Language Difference: English and Chinese AIGC production in marketing

d. Work-flow Brainstorming: How can AIGC affect marketer's everyday work

e. Live demo on-site

6. 实践与互动练习:

a. 工具介绍:主流文本和基于图像的生成式人工智能工具介绍及使用方法(包括GPT-4、Mid-journey、New Bing和Adobe Beta)

b. 提示实践:如何提供有效和高效的提示,并进行现场实践

c. 语言差异:英语和中文的生成式人工智能营销产出

d. 工作流程头脑风暴:生成式人工智能如何影响营销人员日常工作

e. 现场实时演示


Tom Van Dillen, Greenkern

Rixin Jiang, Nordic Friend Agency


English / Bilingual


TIME | 时间

August 16th 2023, 11am – 5pm (Hybrid: 11am – 12noon)

VENUE | 地点

SwedBank, Shanghai Tower 3308, No. 479 Lujiazui Ring Road, Shanghai



11:00am-12:00pm: Update on AI and digital marketing (hybrid)

1:00pm – 5:00pm: AI and digital marketing training

11:00am-12:00pm: 人工智能与数字营销最新更新(线上线下同步)

1:00pm – 5:00pm: 人工智能与数字营销培训(仅线下)

PRICE | 费用

Full Program | 全天活动 (Offline only仅线下)

Members: RMB 1,400

Non-Members: RMB 2,100

会员: 人民币 1,400

非会员: 人民币2,100

Online Session | 仅线上部分 (11am – 12pm)

Members: RMB 100 Rmb

Non-members: RMB 150 Rmb

会员: 人民币100

非会员: 人民币150


10-18 people offline (we reserve the rights to cancel the event, should sign-up be insufficient)



Greenkern is a Transformation Consultancy that focuses on innovation, organisational transformation, and global brand management. By fuelling strategy through creativity, Greenkern helps unearth opportunity in change and gives you the tools to take on tomorrow. Greenkern was one of the first partners of OpenAI in China.


Nordic Friend Agency

Nordic Friend is a digital-era marketing, communications & branding agency specializing in the Chinese market with offices in both Nordics and China. Nordic Friend combines an international business mentality with Chinese know-how aiming to create and sustain growth for global brands and organizations.

Nordic Friend是一家专注于中国市场数字营销、传播和品牌的服务机构,在北欧和中国均设有办事处。Nordic Friend结合国际商业思维和中国在地专业知识,旨在为北欧和全球品牌提供营销增长的解决方案。

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact:

Ulla Nurmenniemi, Executive Director

Wechat: UN13264106340



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