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Dear Members and friends of FBCB,

As the summer has passed, business in China is almost back to normal. Most of the country has reached the lowest risk level, and travel inside the country has become as effortless as it was before the outbreak. Foreigners with a Chinese work permit or residency are also gradually returning to China, although via a 14 day quarantine. The only remaining obstacle concerns business travel to and from China.
It seems that everyone is now waiting for a corona vaccine. When will it become available? Will it save the world? More than 250 vaccine candidates are being pursued globally, with thirty already in clinical testing phase and another twenty-five poised to enter human trials in Q4 2020. What we've heard so far sounds promising, but the effectiveness remains to be seen. Early data suggest that the novel coronavirus is mutating slower than seasonal influenza virus, but long term effects are uncertain. The value of a COVID-19 vaccine will also be influenced by the severity and infectiousness of the disease in the future. But if we can live normally despite the virus with the help of a safe COVID-vaccine, it's worth it. We are optimistically awaiting for the vaccination to become available - perhaps during the first quarter of 2021 - and being able to enjoy quarantine-free travel once more.

What new business opportunities await us in post-COVID China? During the 2020 National People’s Congress, the CCP announced that it would spend approximately 2.5 trillion USD on a digital infrastructure public spending program 2020-2025 (China Daily). The new infrastructure includes seven key areas: 5G networks, industrial internet, inter-city transportation and rail system, data centers, AI, ultra-high voltage power transmission, and new-energy vehicle charging stations. China has also released an exposure draft of the Catalogue of Industries for Encouraged Foreign Investment, 2020 Edition, which further encourages participation in the high-tech development of the manufacturing industry. Foreign-owned enterprises that choose to invest in encouraged industries will be subject to tariff exemptions, preferential land prices, looser regulation of land uses, and lowered corporate income tax at least in some areas.
We in the FBCB, together with Team Finland China, do our best to offer plenty of new opportunities. At the end of August we had a business matchmaking event in Chengdu, Sichuan province, with a total of 23 Finnish companies. The delegation was led by Ambassador Jarno Syrjala. The trip was our first after the Covid outbreak, and very successful. More provincial trips are still to come this autumn. If you want to expand your business in China, don't hesitate to tell us where you wish to go. In September we will participate in the China International Forum for Trade in Services, combined with the World Winter Sports Expo where 11 Finnish companies are presented. FBCB will have their own booth provided by IDG, where member companies Suomen Tekojaa, Icepro, and Mobie Sports Academy are represented. Learn more about the journey of Mobie Sports Academy China from our guest writer. Mid-September we'll be visiting the Zhongguangcun Forum to take part in the Nordic Sustainable Development Forum, and Qingdao Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit. Read more about these in upcoming events -section. After somewhat quiet and limited business activities during the spring, we have plenty opportunities to catch up. Let’s keep in touch and help each other’s back to track.

On the behalf of FBCB I wish you all a very successful autumn!
Sincerely Yours,
Ulla Nurmenniemi
Executive Director
Update: Travel policy and resuming flights to and from China
On 21st July, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) released the Public Announcement on Presenting Negative Results of COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Tests before Boarding by Passengers Taking Flights Bound for China.

Updates on latest travel and quarantine policy due to COVID-19 are HERE. Information provided by European Chamber.

Finnair has received permission from Chinese authorities to begin operating one weekly flight as of 23 July between Helsinki and Shanghai with its Airbus A350 aircraft. The flight schedule will be published in all Finnair sales channels. Finland has opened its borders for work-related travel from China but entry to Finland is still restricted for the time being pending an EU level decision on reciprocity. Finnair currently offers smooth connections to 24 European destinations from Helsinki.
Finnair offers discount prices for Finnish Business Council members
Finnair offers discount prices for Finnish Business Council members
The discounted fare will is valid from September 1st 2020 till August 31st 2021. All discounts applied for return trip.
Members can book and issue ticket from Finnair Service Center at :
Tel: 400 886 3350,
email greaterchina@finnair.com Please mention your special discount code ‘FBB
Upcoming events
CIFTIS 2020 - China International Fair for Trade in Services
CIFTIS 2020 - China International Fair for Trade in Services


Sep 5 - 9, 2020


China National Convention Center
2020 ZGC Forum September 17-19
2020 ZGC Forum September 17-19


Sep 17 - 19, 2020


Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit September 18-20
Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit September 18-20
This networking event will take place in Qingdao September 18-20. It's organized by SIEF and Qingdao Municipal People's Government, and focuses on finance, new infrastructure and technology sector. More detailed introduction and agenda you can read HERE

If you wish to join, contact ulla@bluecloud.ltd
Embassy of Finland informs
This year marks Finland-China 70 years anniversary of diplomatic relations. The official date is October 28th. The 70 year anniversary logo is available for companies to use upon application.
Application links:
Business Finland informs
Winter Sport Morning Coffee Break

Business Finland´s Winter Sports Activities is organizing a monthly online meeting to connect with piers, and share information and ideas.

Next meeting will be held September 23

To receive invitation to these meetings and to join Business Finland Winter Sport contact list, please send a message to sari.paavilainen@businessfinland.fi

Tsinghua Finlab Programme

Tsinghua FinLab program offers Finnish companies a tailor-made market-entry plan for China. Read more HERE and apply before 27.11.2020.
More information: sanorita.li@businessfinland.fi

Health Tech Webinar September 8th

Health technology is one of Team Finland China priority themes. Business Finland organizes a webinar for all interested in expanding health technology business to China. Read more and register: https://www.businessfinland.fi/en/whats-new/events/2020/health-tech-business-in-china-for-finnish-companies-2nd-edition/
More information: tan.liwei@businessfinland.fi
Guest writer: Mobie Sport Academy - The new era of digital learning
Mobie Group is an international, Finnish-rooted group of companies building world’s leading LXP, digital learning and training solutions. With offices in Hong Kong, Germany, China and Finland, as well as data centres and webshops in fourteen countries, we are positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the future of learning.
Mobie Oy is a Finnish software company that builds digital Webforum and learning and training solutions. Our customers include multi-national companies, publishers, schools and educational institutions all over the world and include all the government ministries of Finland, the fire and rescue sector, over 100 schools and educational institutions, as well as private companies, such as Valmet, Securitas, Empower and the Finnish Real Estate Federation. Our most notable international customers are the Independent Power Producers Forum IPPF and Deutsche Flugsicherung DSF.
Mobie Academy offers an opportunity to distribute and sell learning materials globally. It has been opened in fourteen different countries in the Autumn of 2020 (Finland, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and the Arab Emirates.
Social Micro Learning
The pedagogy of 21st century
Mobie Academy represents a new generation Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) for social education. It is the most versatile education and training environment on the market and also the winner of the EU evaluation on learning environments. With pedagogics developed in collaboration with over 100 Finnish schools and educational institutions, 2,500 teachers and 40,000 students, it is also superbly adapted to the needs of companies and organization.
Social Learning and Social Micro Learning can solve the training challenges of tomorrow. Micro courses are short, 2–3-minute training sessions which the employees can do while working, at times that best suit them. Add the social element in the form of various discussion forums, chats, video chats and real-time messaging applications, and you have what is called Social Micro Learning.
Mobie Sport Academy
In China Mobie Sport Academy delivers Winter Sport Digital Courses from “How to start-trainings to top level athletic training and coaching Materials via its unique MOBILE Learning Environment Platform. The courses have been pedagogically designed accordingly digital materials, which are the core knowledge of the experts of Finnish Winter Sport Training Cluster.
All of the 14 Olympic Winter sports in Beijing have been described in “What is ... courses”, that also serve as educational materials for schools and produce a certificate. Courses include sports history, rules and competition information, and good tips on how to follow the sport in the Olympic Games.
In addition, the training includes a course on the spirit and values of the Olympics Games and how they have appeared in the history of the Olympics.
For teachers’ in-service training the Mobie Sport Academy has created certificated two days training for PE teachers and other teachersto implement the Olympic Spirit and Values in their teaching and how to promote the Olympic Games in their teaching.
The Finnish Winter Sport Training cluster has also produced How to Start courses for both ice and snow to start and practice, both by studying with mobile courses and by coaching.
Mobie Academy is a modular and flexible online -system which easily accepts new features and tools. System includes an xAPI interface, enabling course elements created with xAPI-compatible external software to be incorporated into eSmart courses. The service has more than 70 different interactive tools, including 360-degree panorama pictures and interactive videos and has Artificial Intelligence (AI) based learning data analyses and reporting.
When you need the best possible security
•      One of the securest learning environments in the world.
•      The learning solution of choice for many security-conscientious organisations, such as Securitas, Deutsche Flugsicherung DFS and the IPPF.
•      The default security level in the system is based on category E (critical online services, i.e. the highest category) of the Finnish JHS recommendations.
•      For maximum security, use a protected USB stick with eSmart Offline preinstalled (solution used by international intelligence agencies).
Wide Pedagogical benefits
•      Mobie Academy supports lifelong learning and reviewing of the students learning progress from long period of time by providing learning record storage that stores all the learning activities happening inside and outside the system.
•      Mobie Academy also supports many ways for self-reflection and self-assessment, feedback and contextualization of learning.
•      Several different learning methods e.g. problem-based, experiential, theme based, phenomena, collaborative, networked learning, are supported in Mobie Academy.
•      The key is to nourish the intrinsic motivation and inner curiosity of learners, instead of focusing on external motivation, expectations and measurements of success. This means taking a step away from teacher-transmitter model of learning, and equipping the students with problem-solving and inquiry skills in meaningful and relevant real-world contexts.
Mobie Forum – Connecting Businesses and People.
Mobie Forum is a brand-new virtual venue, a web forum that brings together people and businesses. We offer you a secure environment with a possibility for versatile networking and a jump-start in trading.
Mobie Forum is not your average webinar. It is an interactive recording of conferences and expos, containing main speakers and exhibitors’ speeches and product exhibitions in highly versatile form. In addition, Mobie Forum has what regular webinars lack: networking, fully encrypted one-on-one and group negotiations, discussion forums, a social media wall and chats.
Petri Lounaskorpi, CEO, Mobie Sport Academy Oy
Contact and more info:
Past Events
Finnish Business Council Beijing Summer get-together was held at Eudora Station August 14th and gathered 36 Finnish companies and business partners from different industries. New friends and new business ideas along with good food and drinks. Work made fun. Opening remarks, and 70 year China-Finland diplomatic relation information was given by Ambassador Jarno Syrjala.

Provincial business delegation to Chengdu
Provincial business delegation to Chengdu
Team Finland China provincial trip to Chengdu, Sichuan was led by Ambassador Jarno Syrjala.

Delegation consisting of 23 Finnish companies met government representatives and had matchmaking event. Finnish businesses have plenty of opportunities in Sichuan where local leaders welcome Finnish businesses with open arms and give their full support.
Does your company need more visibility and contacts in China?
Finnish Business Council Beijing is part of Team Finland in China, and an outstanding platform for all Finnish businesses in China. For those companies which need more visibility, we have launched a Premium Membership. It's an upgrade from normal membership, as you can see from the table below.

For those companies in Finland, who are planning to expand their businesses to China, or are in the early stage and don't have an office in China yet, we have a distant membership. It's called Proxy Membership. A very cost-effective way to make your company known to a large audience, and get essential contacts for your future.

See all membership options HERE
Premium Membership benefits:
  • Get your logo on frontpage of FBCB website
  • Get your logo on all newsletters and event invitations
  • Get an advertisement to FBCB webpage
  • Write an article to FBCB Newsletter once a year
  • Organize an event for other members and other people using FBCB event platform once a year
PLUS normal Membership benefits:
  • Network opportunities with all other member companies
  • Keep updated what's happening in China-Finnish business
  • Make new business contacts
  • Access FBCB events with member price or free of charge, access member-only events
  • Enjoy discounts of various service and product providers (hotels, health care, tailor, scarfs, air purifiers, etc)
  • Get your company logo, description and key products to membership directory in FBCB website
Proxy membership benefits:
  • Get monthly newsletter
  • Get one article to newsletter when joining
  • Network opportunities with all other member companies through FBCB
  • Keep updated what's happening in China-Finnish business
  • Make new business contacts
  • When visiting in Beijing, access events with member price or free of charge, access member-only events
  • Enjoy discounts of various service providers in Beijing (e.g.hotels)
  • Get company logo, description and key products to membership directory on FBCB website

CONTACT for more information:
Ulla Nurmenniemi, Executive Director, FBCB

Meet the FBCB new Board and operative team 2020-2021
FBCS, FBCGD and FinnCham HK events
  • Sept 3- Nov 10: Emerging Leaders Training, Chinese language event
  • Sept 15: Gaining Publicity: PR and media Relations management in China



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